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Get Styled at Maurices

Finding the perfect outfit or two is so easy at Maurices and right now they are having an amazing sale. I got a bit adventurous and picked out pieces to try on that I would not normally wear. Come on in the dressing room with me and take a look!

Usually when I shop I like to walk through the whole store and scope out what’s new, what’s on sale and what catches my eye.

I rarely ever try clothes on in the store and I usually don’t ask for help from the sales associates.

Well, today I went all in. Into the dressing room that is! I let Mariah, the stylist working at Maurices help me find sizes, add on options and suggestions.

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Here is what I started with…

DenimFlex medium wash boot cut jeans , Pleat front brown faux leather jacket ,
Floral ruffled neck black/gold top , Cheri cognac lace up wedge boots

First up to try on was the faux leather jacket, ruffled neck top, boot cut jeans and wedge boots. I needed a new pair of boot cut jeans for winter and really like this lighter medium wash. I think the boot cut really works with these wedge booties.

EverFlex high rise black stretch skinny jeans , Pleat front brown faux leather jacket ,
Floral ruffled neck black/gold top , Cheri cognac lace up wedge boots

For a a work outfit option, I swapped out the bluejeans for a pair of black stretch jeans but kept the other items the same. Maurices is great to offer the high rise jeans for us “mom jean” lovers! I really need that extra coverage and these fit so well. This outfit is perfect office wear for me. This faux leather jacket is so soft and lightweight that I will be comfortable wearing it all day at work. (Dressing room tip: I already own a great pair of black stretch skinny jeans, so I grabbed these for “try on” purposes only!)

I picked up this faux fur vest, then put it back, then grabbed it again, then put it back….you know what I’m getting at. I was thinking to myself, “this is really pretty, cool BUT I can’t wear that!” Well I took into the dressing room and put it on and I LOVE it! The other piece I grabbed on a whim was the striped jumpsuit. This one was a big NO! The wide legs and low cut was just “not me.” (Dressing room tip: Grab some items you would normally never buy or think you could “not” wear! You just might surprise yourself and find a piece that elevates your wardrobe!)

Floral blue jasmine long sleeve wrap dress

I am wanting to expand my dress and skirt wardrobe, so I tried on this pretty floral blue jasmine long sleeve wrap dress . I wanted to see what the dress looked like with a blue jean jacket and a cardigan duster over it, so I grabbed both to have in the dressing room with me. I already own a favorite blue jean jacket and lots of cardigans, but this is a great way to “see” how your new piece will fit in with favorites you already have in your closet. (Dressing room tip: Wear a pair OR thrown in your bag a pair of nylon knee highs or tights to wear when you are trying on skirts, dresses or open toe shoes!)

Thanks to all the tips and help with sizes and options from Mariah this is what I ended up taking home: Pleat front brown faux leather jacket, Faux fur vest, Floral ruffled neck black/gold top, Cheri cognac lace up wedge boots, and several earrings and necklaces on sale for 75% off!

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  1. Nice finds. I love those boots! You were spot on with the jumpsuit. I’ve yet to see anyone look good in a jumpsuit and yet they still make them.

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