How to get started with 3D Maskcara Foundation

Beginner 4 Piece Compact

It’s time to get YOU started with the 3D Cream Foundation! Right !? I know you wanted to, but you were just a bit unsure on how and where to start!

I have you covered! Just start with the BASICS! A Four (4) Piece Compact, One (1) Brush and the Perfector Sponge! That’s it! That is all you need to get a Flawless, glowing, easy and economical makeup application anyone can do!

How to Get Color Matched

  1. Begin by filling out this easy online questionnaire form HERE. In this form you will answer a few simple questions.
  2. Secondly, upload one or two photos with no makeup on, taken in natural lighting.
  3. Lastly, submit the form, and wait for my response! It’s THAT easy!

Already Color Matched and Ready to Order?

If you have your color match all done and are ready to order – just click HERE to shop!

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