My Code Red Journey

I lost over 60 pounds with the Code Red lifestyle in less than 6 months and can’t stop talking about it. I want to share this program with everyone, my kids, my family, co-workers, friends, strangers on the street!

When I say that Cristy Nickels and her program changed my LIFE, I am not exaggerating. This lifestyle has changed my life, I just wish I had done it decades ago. I know this is sounding a lot like an infomercial, but no….I am not getting paid to promote her program!

I have gone from a size 16 to a size 8. Before I started, my blood sugars were at pre-diabetic levels, my bad cholesterol was over the normal limit and I was anemic. I also had horrible hormonal migraines every month that have almost gone away entirely. Both Dave and I were horrible snorers and I had restless leg syndrome so severe that I would wear holes in our sheets from all of my tossing and turning. Not a problem anymore for us. At a physical just 2 months into my journey, my blood sugars were normal, my cholesterol all within normal ranges and I was no longer anemic! BTW, I just had my blood work done 2 weeks ago and it is still all within normal ranges. AMAZING!

March **April**June**Now

I started the Code Red program in March 2018 weighing in at over 200 pounds (212 to be exact!) My co-worker was talking about her new diet and was so excited about how much weight she was losing, how fast she was losing it and how she was not going to the gym! Of course my ears perked up and I soon found out that she was doing Code Red.

The first thing I did was get on Amazon and ordered the Code Red Revolution book. After I got the book, I realized that if I was going to do this program I would need 100% support from my husband, Dave. I think I gave him an ultimatum! Either you do this program with me or “I’m leaving” OR maybe I said “you can leave!” LOL! What I really did was pour my heart out to him on how unhappy I was in my own skin, how angry I was at myself for letting my weight get out of control and how much I needed him to do this with me as a team. So, being the amazing man and life partner that he has always been for me the past 30 years, he said “ok let’s do it!”

Dave and I Before and After

How we got started….

What we eat…
  • Lots of Veggies…fresh broccoli, fresh cauliflower, frozen cauliflower rice, Frozen Veggie Steamers, fresh spinach, cabbage, zucchini, mushrooms
  • Healthy Fats…avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, flax seeds, flax milk
  • Dairy…eggs, heavy cream, 5 % Fage greek yogurt, 4% cottage cheese, full fat cream cheese, full fat blue cheese salad dressing, olive oil mayo
  • Protein…chicken thighs, chicken breasts, pork chops, bacon, sausage, salmon, fish, tuna, steak, grass fed hamburger
  • Fruit…strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • Misc…Chia Seed NoOatmeal, Flax milk, Mint Tea, Starbucks Iced or Hot Americono with heavy cream and carmel or vanilla flavored stevia
  • NO…sugar, soda, potatoes, corn, yams, processed food, pasta, lentils, legumes, juice, grains, other fruit, cheese, non fat foods or alcohol
Here are the rules we followed…
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night – #1 RULE
  • Drink at least one gallon of water per day
  • Weigh yourself every morning
  • Don’t eat past 6:30 pm
  • Weigh, measure and log everything that goes into your mouth – try to keep each meal to 60% fat 30% protein 10% carbs or 25 net carbs *Net carbs is the total of carbs minus the fiber
  • Keep the junk out of your house, desk, car
  • Follow the Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid list
Best tips and advice….
  • Join the next 10 Pound Take Down Challenge – Best $49 you will ever spend on yourself and it includes a Lifetime access to the Code Red Life Facebook group.
  • Get your family, friends co-workers on the plan so you have a great support system. I have “indoctrinated” my parents, my son and daughter-n-law, my sister-n-law, co-workers, friends and strangers!
  • Don’t worry about calories when you first start the program, eat when you are hungry don’t eat if your are not hungry.
  • Let go of the 3 meals a day adage! I have a 1st meal and a 2nd meal of the day. I don’t call it breakfast or lunch or dinner. It is a meal/fuel, sustenance to keep me going and satisfy me.
  • Eat a vegetable with each meal. Yes even if you eat your 1st meal around “breakfast” time. Saute 1-2 cups of fresh spinach, chopped mushrooms and/or red bell pepper in with 2 eggs, butter and a tablespoon of real bacon bits. Yummy!
  • Drink 16 ounces of water right when you wake up. It gets things moving if you know what I mean!
  • No CHEATING! I did not eat ANY bread, sugar, rice, milk, cookies, ice cream, cereal, corn, mashed potatoes, fast food, chips, soda….nothing that was NOT on the Code Red approved food list while I was in weight loss mode.
  • Realize that you may feel “icky” the first week or two. This is the detox period and is happening because your body is addicted to all the crap you have been feeding it! Once the detox passes, you will feel so much better, the cravings for sugar and processed food goes away and you will start to lose weight. Get some Ultima Replenisher (we like the lemon) to help with the detox. Almost like magic!
  • Make sure you are sleeping well. Put on your sleeping mask, turn on a fan or white noise machine and ask your partner to respect your new bedtime sleep habits.
  • Let your stomach rest…try to eat only 2 meals a day at least 5 hours apart. It’s “ok” to go to bed a bit hungry. I had forgotten what hunger pains were! For years I had never let myself get hungry. I used food as entertainment and a drug.
  • As you lose weight and sizes – GET RID OF THOSE CLOTHES! Get new clothes that fit and make you feel good during your journey. Also get your wedding ring re-sized! Both Dave and I need to to this, they don’t fit anymore.
  • Don’t exercise to lose the weight! What I mean is, focus on the food and not on killing yourself in the gym. I did NOT exercise during my weight loss mode. I did use 5 pound hand weights and did push-ups and squats in my bedroom each night before bed, but did not break a sweat doing it. I also did not reward myself with “extra” food just because I was more active. This is not weight watchers!!

So proud of my Mom (74) and Dad (78) – Sue and Jim. They also started the Code Red program back in May. My Dad was 208 and is now down to 169! My Mom was 188 and now down to 149! What a difference in how they look and how they feel.

How cute is my MOM! She is 74 years old, weighs 149 pounds and is now a size 8! My Mom just can’t get over how easy this plan has been and they will “never go back” to the way they used to eat. At her last physical all of her blood work came back “excellent” and she is no longer on cholesterol medicine! My Dad’s Doc said his blood work is that of a young man! They are now in the maintenance mode and are able to enjoy some of their old vices, i.e. a cocktail or two!

Well that is my story so far. I would LOVE to hear your Code Red stories. Please message me or email me with your own journey, tips and advice I can share!


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